I am living, quietly bleeding.
I am bleeding, quietly living.
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So many songs to download so little motivation

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I used my bf’s DSLR to record the short video for these gifs instead of my shitty iPhone camera. The lingerie, which I bought nearly a year ago, is Agent Provocateur (look for ‘Gloria Suspender’ if you want the same design I have), in case any of y’all are curious. Think of this as a special treat — it takes a fuck-ton of time and effort to record the video and construct these gifs (not to mention, using my bf’s camera behind his back!), so in all likelihood, I won’t be able to do it very often. That said, I will try to make a few more gifs from the very same video, so be on the lookout.

Lastly, haters feel free to make fun of my freckles or fatness or whatever else you want; I’m a real woman and not some airbrushed fucking Victoria’s Secret Angel and I’m proud of that. I was initially hesitant to post these gifs out of fear of the hate mail I’d receive, but a friend encouraged and convinced me otherwise. She knows who she is. Love ya, babe. 💋

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